What power and type of in-line bathroom extractor fans should I be looking for?

We need to give every bathroom an extractor fan since it will help to extract the moisture from the air. As you know, our bathroom can easily become extremely humid. Therefore, it’s essential to decrease the humidity level to prevent damp problems.

If you let your bathroom have too much moisture, it can cause mold formations, wall damage, as well as different forms of structural issues. Luckily, there is a wide range of good bathroom exhaust fans out there these days.

Types of Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom extractor fans come in three main types. They include centrifugal, axial, and inline. The least powerful type is an axial extractor fan. However, this type is fine for most situations. You shouldn’t duct these fans more than 2-3m. It’s best to install them on a wall that has direct access to the outside.

It is a good idea to consider a centrifugal fan if you want to duct your fan more than 2-3m. This type of bathroom extractor fan is more powerful in comparison to axial models. They are great for bigger bathrooms. Also, these fans are noisier.

Another choice is an inline fan. You can install these fans in the ceiling void or the loft. They are good solutions if you want ducting long distances. You can also install them out of the way. They are the most powerful type.

Benefits of Having an Inline Fan

Decrease Noise

Since the fan is installed further away in the roof space, this option can reduce noise. Moreover, if you have well-insulated roof space, you should consider buying an inline fan. These models are one of the quietest ventilation solutions out there.

High Power

Well, inline fans come in large sizes. They are constructed with very high power motors that you rarely find from a standard ceiling mounted as well as a wall-mounted extraction model.

Length of the duct run

These fans are designed to operate with ducting. Therefore, these models retain a better percentage of the advertised capacity than basic extraction ones. These fans are ideal for other applications as sub-floor ventilation and heat transfer.

Top 3 Best Powerful Inline Bathroom Extractor Fans

Manrose MF100T In-line Extractor Fan + Timer

This extractor fan is one of the most powerful fans out there. It can shift a hefty 61 liters per second. It is designed for the most strenuous tasks. Furthermore, this product is an affordable choice.

Another good thing is the noise it makes. It’s known as one of the quietest models out there. The manufacturer will provide you with a 3 years warranty. That’s why this product has been one of the best-selling products around.

Vent-Axia 17104020 ACM100T Inline Fan

This inline extractor fan is known as the quietest product around. This inline fan can extract a massive 120 liters per second. Moreover, this model is also known as one of the most energy-efficient models out there.

This inline fan offers you all the great features you need. However, this product is not cheap. It is a good choice for those who are looking for a stunning extractor fan.

Airflow AVENTA 100T 100mm In-Line Timer Fan

This model can run at two different speeds. This product is sure to keep your bathroom moisture-free. Moreover, this inline extractor fan also allows you to mount multiple units in serial.

It also has some drawbacks. This fan is not the most energy-efficient like other previous fans mentioned. However, this fan is a good-quality product for the money.

Pros and Cons of a Powerful Inline Fan


  • They can handle moisture from the room in a short time
  • They are the quietest fans around
  • They allow you to mount them together for the higher extraction rate


  • They may take your time to install since these fans require mounting up in your loft


You can easily see the difference from a powerful bathroom fan in terms of effective moisture clearance. They are great for those who have larger than average bathrooms. These bathroom extractor fans are a good combination of power and low noise.

All the models listed above are a good addition to your home. They are sure to keep your home moisture-free for a long time. You should take your time to read our reviews since one of them will fit your needs.

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