NESDB: AEC puts Thai labor at disadvantage

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BANGKOK, 15 August 2012 – The National Economic and Social Development Board, or NESDB, has pointed out that other ASEAN members will have an advantage in terms of labor over Thailand when the ASEAN Economic Community, or AEC, is introduced.

According to the NESDB, there are over 600 million people in the ASEAN region which account for nearly 10 percent of the world population. Out of that total, 300 million are in the labor industry. And once the AEC becomes concrete, there will be labor transfers within ASEAN in 7 professions, namely doctors, dentists, nurses, architects, engineers, accountants, and researchers.

The NESDB stated further that it has done a research on labor production and improvement in order to prepare Thailand for a free flow of labor movement within the AEC by 2015. The research shows that Thailand leads other ASEAN countries in the field of medicines with high quality doctors, dentists, and nurses while the quality of education is also in the frontline. However, the disadvantage of Thailand is that Thai doctors and nurses are not getting paid as much as those in other ASEAN countries. As a result, Thailand will have to face a labor shortage due to fact that Thai doctors and nurses will want to work in countries where the can get a higher pay.

(NNT : Narumon Ngamsaithong)


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