PM: Thai-Australian trade and investment to grow 20 by 2017

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BANGKOK, 28 May 2012 – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has predicted that trade and investment between Thailand and Australia will increase by 20% by 2017 and vowed that cooperation will be developed in various fields for peace and prosperity in Asia.

During her visit to Australia on 28 May 2012, PM Yingluck and her entourage attended a luncheon hosted by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the parliament building. Ms. Yingluck thanked the Australian government for a warm welcome for her and the Thai Cabinet ministers, saying that she believed the 60-year-long diplomatic ties between Thailand and Australia would continue to flourish and contribute to future success of their cooperation.

The Thai premier said the launch of the “Thai Kitchen to the World” project in Sydney had reflected growing popularity of Thai restaurants in Australia. She added that Australia was still Thailand’s important partner in fighting for food security and together they would promote human rights and legal state at the regional and global levels in a bid to tackle cross-border crimes as well as natural disasters.

The Thai PM said she expected that the Thai-Australian trade and investment would rise by 20% in the next five years with the support from the Thai-Australian Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). Ms. Yingluck also expressed her confidence that the healthy relations between the two countries would help create diversity in cooperation.

The PM thanked Australia for its support for projects and activities that were beneficial for the Thai-Australian ties. She also confirmed that Thailand was politically stable, stating that the Thai government was moving forward with its reconciliation task and supporting democracy to improve the quality of life for the Thai people.

Ms. Yingluck lastly thanked the Australian government for helping Thailand during the flood crisis in 2011 while expressing the country’s readiness to be the economic center of ASEAN when the regional integration takes place in 2015.

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