TCC: Government should support necessity items prices

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BANGKOK, 17 May 2012 – The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) and entrepreneurs have suggested that the government support prices of necessity items to help relieve the people’s burden, while commenting that the government’s attempt to resolve high goods prices has, so far, not been an efficient one.

Vice President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) Pornsilp Patcharintanakul has proposed that in response to the current problem of high goods prices, the government should support the price of daily life products, by setting it at 20-40% lower than the average market rate. Initially, the TCC has suggested that around 20 kinds of goods should be placed under the government’s support scheme. The government should also collaborate with small-scale retail shops in order to facilitate goods distribution to the people.

On this occasion, Mr. Pornsilp has expressed little confidence in the success of the Commerce Ministry’s Ran Thook Jai scheme, given the lack of response from the public. He also commented that the scheme does not provide a straight-to-the-point solution to the problem.

The overall production of the food industry in 2012 will grow by only 1.3%. Meanwhile, the price of food in general is still quite high in relation with the increased initial cost. Moreover, less export activities can be found in many product categories, of which the prices are still on a rising trend.

Mr. Pornsilp added that the blacklisting of Thailand by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international anti-money laundering agency, is starting to affect entrepreneurs. The impact is expected to escalate if measures to amend laws on money laundering are not taken in a timely manner.

(NNT : Nu-dhorn Patimapragorn)


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