Water resources management to be speeded up before rainy season comes

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BANGKOK, 27 April 2012 -A major meeting on water resources management has recently convened with Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Kittiratt Na Ranong as chairman. It was attended by members of both the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM) and the National Water Resources and Flood Policy Committee (NWFPC).

Mr. Kittiratt, as chairman of both committees said he called the meeting this morning to follow up on the progress of various projects assigned to the SCWRM and the NWFPC. Since last year’s flood, an integrated water management plan has been created to assure sufficient water for agriculture during the dry season and flood prevention during the rainy season.

Both committees have been given the task to oversee water management programs being undertaken by related organizations and ministries to ensure their effectiveness. The projects are divided into both short and long term ones. Mr. Kittiratt said he wanted an assurance from officials at the upstream, midstream and downstream provinces that all projects are ready to absorb rain water in the upcoming rainy season. He said the meeting also discussed possible adaptation of water management projects in foreign countries to prevent repetition of water shortages and flooding this year.

Meanwhile, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) reported that the amount of water in its reservoirs is 8% higher than last year’s, or 2.8 billion cubic meters more than that in 2011. At present, EGAT dams are storing 36.8 billion cubic meters of water, accounting for 60% of the total capacity. As for both Sirikit and Bhumipol dams, the water levels have been decreased by half of their capacity, upon the government’s order, to make sure there are rooms when the rainy season begins.

The water management for both dams this year has been carefully planned to ensure sufficient supply of water to help farmers sustain their crops. However, EGAT said there are still risks in water management this year, and close monitoring and evaluation of the situation is necessary.

(NNT : Supaporn Carusarnpisit)


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