FDI hosts a seminar on construction of floodway

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BANGKOK, 27 April 2012 -The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has invited academics and private sector representatives to participate in a discussion entitled ‘Flood Way: A Hope to Sustainability in Flood Prevention’ to hammer out solutions to possible flooding this year.

Mr. Rungsri Luengvarinkul, Chairman of the FTI’s industrial infrastructure and city planning committee, said last year’s deluge had destroyed investors’ confidence in Thailand’s industrial sector. In addition, the 2011 GDP also declined by 2.3% while the World Bank estimated the damage caused by last year’s flood to be 1.4 trillion baht worth.

He suggested that one of the solutions is to build a flood way where surplus water is forced into one stream running to the sea. However, Mr. Rungsri said due to many circumstantial factors, it is still impossible to determine the geographical perimeter of floodways for the moment.

Associate Professor Seri Suparatit of the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park said the government should raise awareness and create mutual understanding about floodways with Thai people, given that the recent survey revealed how they were concerned rather than pleased with the proposal to construct a floodway.

He believed that floodways would certainly solve flooding crisis. To build a floodway, he said calculations must be made on the amount of water coming from the North and passing through the central region via the Chao Phraya River and how much will be going to the sea.

Today’s seminar was also joined by experts from the Department of Public Works and Town Country Planning, the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand and the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning.

(NNT : Nuttaporn Chanchokpong)


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