Bangkokians exercise most in Thailand

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BANGKOK, 23 April 2012 – The National Statistical Office (NSO) has disclosed that Bangkokians enjoy doing exercises and playing sports more than anyone else across Thailand.

NSO Director Mr. Wiboontat Sutanthanakit said the survey, conducted last year on more than 57 million Thai people of 11 years old and above, revealed that the highest number of respondents spending their time exercising were adults aged between 25-59 years old, accounting for 44.3%.

They were followed by younger groups aged between 15-24 years old and 11-14 years old respectively. People aged 60 years old and over were found to take up the lowest percentage of people who exercised regularly.

31.5% of Bangkok residents engaged in physical activities, which was the highest in the country, followed by the Central Plain, the North, the Northeast and the South. According to the poll, men exercised more than women and most of them spent 11-20 days per month breaking a sweat.

The amount of time most often spent on each exercise was between 31-60 minutes. The most popular forms of exercises were walking and running, followed by dancing and yoga. Three out of four people surveyed said their goals were to become healthier while the rest cited the invitation from other people and their wish to lose weight.



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