Thai retailers ask to pay part-time workers on hourly basis

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BANGKOK, 18 April 2012 – The Thai Retailers Association is calling for a reconsideration of the implementation of the government’s 300-baht minimum wage policy for part-time workers, stating their preference to pay by the hour.

Director of the Thai Retailers Association Chatchai Tuangrattanaphan said that the entry into force of the government’s 300-baht minimum wage hike policy has no serious effects on large-scale businesses. However, small-scale entrepreneurs, SMEs and the service sector are receiving a lot of impact given that they must adapt to the higher initial cost, particularly the service sector which is relying on 10-12 million workers.

Thus, the association has submitted a request to the Thai Chamber of Commerce to reconsider the implementation of the 300-baht minimum wage hike policy for part-time workers, citing complaints by retailers and entrepreneurs in the service sector as saying that it is impossible to hire this group workers at the daily rate of 300 baht, and they would prefer to pay them by the hour.

Additionally, Mr. Chatchai commented that the retail business this year will see a 7-8% growth in relation with the growing economic trend and the greater purchasing power of consumers, combined with the lack of negative economic factors. Meanwhile, prices of commodity goods see no signs of adjustments despite the continuously rising fuel price, which has brought about a slowdown in the retail business during the first yearly quarter. At the same time, consumers are still concerned about last year’s flood and are, thus, more careful in their spending habit. However, the consumer’s purchasing power is gradually recovering to normalcy.

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