Myanmar already resumes gas supply to Thailand

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BANGKOK, 18 April 2012 -The Ministry of Energy disclosed that Myanmar has now resumed a natural gas supply to Thailand while PTT Plc Co Ltd is expected to begin normal gas sale and distribution on Friday morning.

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Energy Mr. Kurujit Nakornthap said that during the time when Myanmar had temporarily stopped supplying natural gas from Yetakun gas field from April 8-17, 2012, the amount of back up energy that the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) had stored up for domestic consumption was, in fact, more than enough.

He cited EGAT figures as showing that household fuel consumption was lower than expected by 22 million liters while only 1.4 million liters of diesel was used during the 10-day period compared to a total of 4.9 million liters of diesel having been reserved for the period. Meanwhile, the PTT said the company won’t be able to supply gas until Friday given the 300-km distance from the supplier to PTT.



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