Thai armed forces to have a full-scale adjustment in preparation for Asean Community

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BANGKOK, 15 April 2012 – The Thai armed forces are set to undergo development in preparation for the formation of ASEAN Community.

Defence Ministry spokesman, Col Thanathip Sawangsaeng, stated that the ASEAN Security Community (ASC) is one of the three major pillars of ASEAN Community, although much emphasis has been placed on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Under this cooperation blueprint, ASEAN nations are committed to cooperate in several aspects to enhance ASEAN’s capacity for self-management of regional security.

The spokesman elaborated that Defence Minister ACM Sukampol Sawannatat have planned to make several adjustments within the Royal Thai Armed Forces in order to prepare for the ASC, for instance, by rectifying the ministry’s rules and regulations, improving the nation’s defense strategies, developing skills of personnel in the field of foreign languages and restructuring its agencies to better suit the assigned operations.

Col Thanathip also pointed out that once the ASEAN Community is in place in 2015, problematic issues including international crimes, human trafficking, weapons and drug smuggling, and illegal immigration will definitely increase. And thus the army will have to be proactive and be prepared.

He however said that as ASEAN countries become integrated, people in the Community will be able to take advantage of security cooperation among member nations.

(NNT : Narumon Ngamsaithong)


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