Govt to promote energy conservation to resolve soaring goods price

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BANGKOK, 26 March 2012 – The Energy Planning and Policy Office (EPPO) is set to encourage Thais to save energy in the hope of cutting down energy consumption by no less than 75,000 tons/year, or an equivalent of 1.8 billion baht/year.

Talking about the issue of soaring goods prices and its solution, acting Government Spokesperson Anusorn Iamsa-ard pointed out that the problem is partly contributed by the increasing price of crude oil in the global market. Currently, the Ministry of Commerce is attempting to create confidence and prevent panic among the people by basing its strategies on statistics and presentation.

Additionally, the government plans to conserve energy in state-controlled buildings. The project does not only aim to save energy, but it also serves as a motivation and a model of energy conservation to the private sector as well as the general public. The project is believed to enable the country to save up to 75 tons of raw fuel/year, which is worth an annual figure of 1.8 billion baht. In addition, carbon dioxide emission will be reduced by 442,000 tons/year.

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