Tropical storm warned in Northeast and along eastern coast

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BANGKOK, 21 March 2012 -The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has issued a storm warning for people living in the northeastern and eastern provinces of Thailand in the next few days.

DDPM Director-General Mr. Wiboon Sanguanpong said there is a chance of a tropical storm moving through E-san and the eastern coast of the country. People have been warned to take extra cautions when leaving their premises as strong gale-force winds, thunderstorms as well as hails could be expected.

Residents have been advised to make sure large objects are firmly secured to the ground and no other movable items should be left outside as they could be blown away in the winds. Farmers should, according to him, build a strong roof or use sturdy materials to shield their crops from bad weather conditions.

During the event of thunderstorms, everyone should remain in their homes as flying objects may cause injury or they could be struck by lightning. While many people may experience wet and wild weathers, many others elsewhere are now coping with severe drought.

Mr. Wiboon said 30 provinces have officially been declared disaster zones. He urged Thai people to use water wisely in an attempt to contain the situation which, he also hoped, would not expand further to other provinces.



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