Dusit Poll: People urge govt to resolve high goods prices

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BANGKOK, 21 March 2012 – Suan Dusit Rajabhat University’s latest survey found Thai people want the government to take control of goods prices and to reduce production costs in order resolve the issue of soaring goods prices.

Conducted with 1,409 people in different professions across the country during 15-20 March, the Suan Dusit poll asked the respondents to identify ten priority solutions to the problematic high goods prices. Most agreed that the best exit strategy is for the public sector to establish measures to control goods prices while also supporting prices of commodity products. In addition, the government should lower production costs including those of raw materials, equipment and transportation. Meanwhile, the Thai people themselves should plan their spending carefully based on the sufficiency philosophy in order to save money.

The respondents suggested that salaries and wages should be increased to be on par with the current cost of living situation. They also viewed that middlemen should be kept under the government’s strict control so that they do not take advantage of customers by overpricing products. The respondents said that the people’s burden from high goods prices may be alleviated if they choose to buy from retailers selling low-priced goods, such as the Blue Flag projects or visit more sales events. In the meantime, the government should adjust downward the tax imposed on entrepreneurs as a measure to prevent the excessive pricing of products.

Furthermore, Thai people should be encouraged to use native products so that cash does not flow out of the country to foreign markets. The public also recommended that capable persons should be put in charge to efficiently solve the soaring prices of goods. And last but not least, the government should sell bonds or increase saving interest rates to solve the problem of inflation.

(NNT : suwit)


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