AoT held a 2nd seminar to boost customer service at the airport

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BANGKOK, 20 March 2012 -As part of its training series, the Airport of Thailand (AoT) has held its second customer service training program for their staff and employees working at Suvarnubhumi Airport (SVB), with the focus on their conversation and make-up skills.

Under the concept of ‘Airport of Smile’, the AoT is aiming to earn global recognition for SVB and thus has provided the airport employees with a great opportunity to learn from experts in the customer service industry.

During the first session of their second training, they learnt the important art of defusing bad situations and creating a good impression using their verbal skills. In addition to the AoT staff, those who worked in retail stores and in other service areas at SVB also attended the training program..

In the latter half of the day, a make-up artist was invited to provide those in attendance with the fundamental knowledge of how to wear an appropriate make-up at work. They had first-hand experience directly from a make-up professional, as well as a chance to learn a few techniques on how to apply cosmetics on their faces to make them look even more presentable.

This event surely does help boost confidence of airport employees and help them grow professionally in their career. But most importantly, they all are playing a major part in promoting the image of Suvarnabhumi airport and putting a smile on people’s faces. Each and every one of them is like a tiny piece of jigsaw, which, when put together, creates a spectacular image in the eyes of people who are looking at them.



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