NACC showed no comment if it would be abolished

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BANGKOK, 2 March 2012 -The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commissioner (NACC) and Spokesperson Mr. Klanarong Chanthick has declined to comment on the possibility that independent organizations, such as his, would be abolished once the charter amendment has been completed.

Mr. Klanarong reportedly explained that he would rather keep his comment to himself as it was merely a statement, and that he had not seen the details of the constitution amendment.

The NACC Spokesperson further said that the NACC was an independent organization establised under the 1997 Constitution. The organization has, according to him, solved more than 8,000 corruption cases out of the total of 20,000 – 30,000 cases submitted.

In response to the hearsay claiming the establishment of the NACC was a by-product of the military coup, he said he had no fear if the NACC would be held accountable for any wrong doings, given that the NACC had done its best in its work without prejudice against any individuals or government during its life time.



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