FDA cracked down on fake vegetarian food

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BANGKOK, 26 September 2011 -The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking actions against producers of sub standard vegetarian food while some of the products have reportedly been proven to contain meat.

MD Narangsan Pirakit, Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) led a team of police to a food production company in Chom Thong district earlier today after receiving complaints from consumers who believed that the alleged company produced vegetarian food that contained meat.

8 items such as vegetarian surimi contained DNA of crustaceans and chicken while other food products such as vegetarian shredded pork, vegetarian fish and mushroom meat balls did not display the label correctly. Police confiscated the said items and sent them to the Department of Medical Science to test if there was any real meat in them.

Producers of low quality vegetarian food could be legally charged for deceiving consumers and could be jailed from 6 to ten months and forced to pay a 5,000-100,000 THB fine.



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