123 MP candidates seeking police protection

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BANGKOK, 29 May 2011 -National Police Chief Police General Wichean Potphosri has revealed that there are 123 MP candidates asking for their protection while police patrols have been increased to make sure no more political posters will be destroyed.

Pol Gen Wichean said out of 2,224 candidates for Constituency MPs, 123 of them from 20 political parties are seeking police protection where he reiterated to the police that no matter what party the candidates were from, they must to treat them without any prejudice. They will be prosecuted if they do not follow through according to their responsibilities.

He further said that the incident last night where Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra was targetted with rotten eggs during her political campaign would not lead to more violence, adding eggs were not weapons therefore they were easily gone undetected by the cops. Meanwhile, 269 political posters have been reported destroyed; however, police patrols have already been increased.



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